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Water sports in Negombo

Water Sports in Negombo

The inland waters are quite calm and are apt for surfing and other activities. Owing to Negombo’s tropical climate, the waters are warm and are suitable for water sports. This permits you to go surfing without any extra protection like the use of wetsuits, hoods, gloves and boots. Surfing in Negombo states that you can hire gears and boards for surfing. But it is highly recommended that before going surfing, you must seek the local people’s advice about the tides and strong undercurrents.

Surfing in Negombo tells you that Mt. Lavinia located few kilometers from Negombo and the entire Southern Resort area are appropriate for proper surfing. Especially during the months from May to October, these places provide fascinating surfing opportunities. It was at this time, the winds help in bringing the waves for surfing and thus enable an easy and smooth surfing.

The popular types of Surfing in Negombo includes kite surfing and wind surfing. Other famous places in Sri Lanka which are famous for surfing are Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay. Apart from surfing, few other types of water sports are awaiting you in Negombo. Some of the most famous and interesting ones are diving, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing and deep-sea fishing.

If you are keen on adventure sports and water-related activities, Negombo is the perfect choice. However, excluding Surfing in Negombo and the water sports, you can also enjoy a fabulous bird-watching experience and a relaxing sunbathing on the beach itself. The lush green nature, the long stretch of beach, and the stunning views offered by the blue expanse of the ocean are other chief attractions in Negombo.