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Bird Watching in Negombo

Founded by the Moors and predominantly a Catholic territory, Negombo is a picturesque small town located to the north of Colombo in Sri Lanka. The town features a lush green natural surrounding and many swampy areas. Owing to this, you will get to see some exotic and rare birds in and around Negombo. Bird Watching in Negombo is one of the popular activities in Negombo.

The ecological balance is well-maintained in Negombo. The unperturbed natural atmosphere and the serene environment add more to the effect. All these factors together combine to create a wonderful and suitable habitat for a whole range of rare species of birds. Bird Watching in Negombo states that there are varieties of innumerable local birds as well as migrated birds from the colder regions.

The wetland areas and the marshlands where you will see the mangroves are the home grounds of a large number of native bird species. Bird Watching in Negombo lets you know that some of the hotels and resorts arrange for exquisite bird watching by boat along the river side. You will notice a considerable number of bright and colorful, rare and unknown birds inhabiting the area. In some cases, an interpreter is provided in order to assist you, and, to know more and better about the natural life of Negombo.

Bird Watching in Negombo tells you that the Muthurajawela Marsh in Negombo is the perfect place for bird watching. It is an exclusive tropical wetland. Some of the interesting bird species include oreal and kingfisher. Other major birds comprise of Purple Heron, Egrets, Moorhen, Purple Coot, Caucal, Grebe and Shikra. Other rare species feature Brahming Kite and Serpent Eagle. You will be surely enthralled by the captivating beauty of some of the birds. Sailing along the river or just relaxing on the boat amidst a cool and calm nature accompanied only by the melodious note of the screeching of the birds, is an experience in itself !